What is your guarantee?

We guarantee every shipment to arrive in perfect condition. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your gift, we’ll replace it or refund your money.

How many pieces of fruit are in the package?

Except for our gift baskets and assortments, all of our citrus fruit is carefully hand-packed in durable cardboard boxes using our tray system, and the more trays you buy and ship to the same address, the less you pay for each piece of fruit. Each full tray holds approximately;   6-10 grapefruit,  12-16 oranges or tangelos, 18-24 manderins, depending on size and variety5 LB Box holds approximately 5  Grapefruit or 7-9 Oranges.

What is the citrus season in Florida?

The citrus season in Florida generally runs from November through April.

How is it shipped?

Your packages are delivered by UPS.

Order Deadlines for Holiday Delivery

Please order by the dates shown below to ensure timely delivery via Standard Shipping. We will accept orders at later dates and will continue to ship until December 20.

Holiday Standard Shipping
Thanksgiving November 18
Hanukkah December 14
Christmas December 14
Valentine’s Day February 3
Passover March 18
Easter April 9

Last ship date of the season is 4/13/2023

Personalized Gift Message

We’re happy to offer personalized gift cards with any order — just let us know what message you’d like to send.

Which is sweeter the Red or White Grapefruit?

Sweetness is a matter of individual taste. Red is ordered most often, but some people request white!!! Not sure, order a mixed package.