Enjoy the Sweetness of Springtime...

Valencia Oranges
The plump, juicy Valencia Oranges that we pick now have stayed on our trees all season long. Soaking up all the goodness of our wonderful Florida climate. Talk about saving the best for last! You won't find sweeter fruit anywhere. It just happens naturally. This part of Florida is world famous for its delicious Oranges . So, don't miss out on your last chance to enjoy the oh-so-sweet taste of Florida Citrus. There will be no more until next fall. Share some with a friend, too. 

FREE Florida Orange Marmalade or Tropical Jelly 

Free Orange Marmalade or Tropical Jelly - A delectable delight made from fresh-picked sweet, juicy Oranges. Our FREE GIFT to you when you order All Valencia Oranges.
But you better hurry because our free gift offer ends April 15!

Delicious Valencias 

Our Valencias aren't only a great snack - they're the juiciest juicing Orange there is! Don't let this delicious season pass you by. There's no cooler, better tasting dessert on a hot, muggy summer night! They're our family favorite. Peeled, sliced or juiced, these are the pride of the Indian River. Get yours while they last... (Only available through April)

                  Available Mid March  - April  26TH


Available March Only!

Ortaniques - a unique cross between a sweet orange and a Tangerine, first discovered in Jamaica in the 1920's. This variety only now is beginning to be grown in Florida, available to only a few folks during it's short season. Easy to peel, this rare treat is sweet and juicy with a wonderful rich flavor; it's one of Florida's few citrus secrets. Order today before our limited supply is gone

Available Mid March 

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